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Mary Inducted into Colorado Authors Hall of Fame Sept 14

Mary An Inaugural Inductees In the First Authors' Hall of Fame in the United States


Mary is among 21 authors comprising the first inductees into the newly-established Colorado Authors’ Hall of Fame. The induction ceremony was held September 14 in Denver. 

The Hall of Fame was created to honor and promote the works of outstanding published authors from all genres and generations who have a vibrant connection to Colorado, to ensure their legacies won’t be lost. It includes Madeleine Albright, former U.S. Secretary of State and Ambassador to the United, novelists  Stephen King,  Louis L'Amour, Clive Cussler, Rex Burns and Margaret Coel, and nature photographer John Fielder.  This is the first authors hall of fame in the country.

“Writing about the wild places and wild things of Colorado and the West has been my life for more than 30 years. I’ve been fortunate to make a living writing about things I am passionate about, and that really matter,” Mary says. "I am honored to be among such accomplished colleagues being inducted into the Hall of Fame."

Award-winning Colorado nature writer Mary Taylor Young

Author of 18 books, Mary has spent more than 30 years celebrating 

the landscape, wildlife and heritage of Colorado and the American West. 

Winner of numerous awards, she has been identified as one of the 

best-known nonfiction writers in Colorado.


Mary Honored as 2018 Frank Waters Award Winner!

 Awarded for exemplary literary achievement and a canon of writing that communicates a deep understanding, celebration, and love of the West. Past winners include Frank Waters (first winner, 1993), Barbara Kingsolver, Tony Hillerman, Margaret Coel and CJ Box. 


May 2018 Visit to Chaco Canyon National Historic Park

Enjoyed re-discovering the amazing Chacoan Culture ruins. Such a vibrant, creative culture here 1000 years ago. Great birding and lizarding (is that a word?!) too!

Rocky Mountain National Park; adult coloring book

New in 2018: Rocky Mountain National Park Adult Coloring Book & Postcards

A Magical Coloring Journey through Rocky Mountain National Park

YES a coloring book does have text! And this one has a lot. 

llustrations by award-winning illustrator Dave Ember

Text & captions by Mary Taylor Young


Not all Mary's books are still available. Email her about possible single copies of titles not shown on Books page.

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