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They Wrote It Here!
Saturday July 13, 9 am - 4:30 pm, Rocky Mountain National Park 
How have various writers described particular sites in the Park? From flowery Victorian prose to popular fiction to memoir filtered by the author’s eyes, each writer has captured the Park in a unique way. We will visit various locations & view-sites described by Isabella Bird, James Michener, Milton Estes, Albert Sprague, Enos Mills, William Allen White and others in journals, books and letters. We’ll read their descriptions, discuss them, then write a piece or journal entry of our own describing this place today or reacting to the historical passage. How has this site changed? In what ways is it the same? How do I feel about it? Be ready for a fun day exploring the actual places in the Park that have influenced literature! Cost: $70. For complete information & registration, see listing and syllabus at


Paint Your Prose: Creating a Sense of Place Using Nature-Writing Techniques
Sunday July 14, 9 am - 4:30 pm, Rocky Mountain National Park 
Vividly creating a "sense of place" draws readers into a story  and engages them powerfully. The techniques used in nature writing to capture "place" can be used in creative writing of all sorts--to create setting and place for fiction, narrative nonfiction, memoir, essay and even expository articles. Learn how to look closely at the world around you, use all your senses, find universal themes in what you see, use metaphor and other techniques. Class will include writing exercises and practice in the field at Rocky Mountain National Park.   Cost: $70.  For complete information & registration, see listing and syllabus at

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