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My Books

Want a unique gift for a friend? A book personally signed to you?
I will autograph every book, with a personal message if requested.


Rocky’s Centennial History!  

Rocky Mountain National Park: The First 100 Years
Journey back to learn the history of Rocky as Colorado’s premier national park celebrates its 100th birthday! Discover soaring mountains, sculpting glaciers, explorers and adventurers, families enjoying their park, wildlife both shy and bold. Learn what challenges the Park faces for the future. Loaded with historic and contemporary photos.

List price $39.95
    $35.96 website discount



LIMITED EDITION - signed & numbered, midnight-blue embossed leather, Smyth binding, hard-shell case.

An exceptional gift for a special family member, friend or client. 

$150 with Free Shipping 

 ** 2013 Colorado Book Award Finalist!! **
The Guide to Colorado Mammals
A guide to 129 of Colorado's fascinating mammal species, from armadillos to wild horses (plus bats, bears, bighorns and more)! Color photos, where-to-see-them, species profiles and many sidebars on the inner lives, behaviors & other fun info.

List price $26.95
    $24.26 website discount




Colorado Wildlife Package: Where to see them & who to see!


The Guide to Colorado Mammals and The Colorado Wildlife Viewing Guide

Together for $36.95!  ($42 value)

The Guide to Colorado Reptiles and Amphibians
A guide to what creeps, crawls, scampers and croaks! Color photos, where-to-see-them, and many fun tips for enjoying "herps". Include all the 60+ species in Colorado!

List price $26.95    $24.26 website discount


Land of Grass and Sky: A Naturalist's Prairie Journey
Part nature lore, part history, part meditation, this odyssey through the hidden beauty of the prairie reveals an intricately-woven landscape of wildlife, plants, and people. As we learn to appreciate the value of this subtle land, she discovers, we come to value ourselves.

List price $14.95   
$13.46 website discount


Colorado Wildlife Viewing Guide  

Updated guide to more than 200 sites to view large and small mammals, birds, reptiles and more. Maps, site description, color photos. Cross-indexed by where to see particular species.


List price $14.95    $13.46 website discount



Dodos, Birds of Prey and Other Male Species

Attention all women! Having trouble understanding today's men? Here's just the field guide you need. Meet the Heron Chest, Black-Capped Cheapadate, Woodypecker, Mythical Dreambird and 41 other species. Learn to ID common calls, plumage and behavioral displays.

List price
$10.95    $9.86 website discount


Landscape of Home
A collection of essays on the landscape and life of the American West gleaned from books in the award-winning Rocky Mountain Land Series. Work from Ann Zwinger, Douglas Chadwick, Craig Childs, Mary Taylor Young. 

List price $17.00
   $15.30 website discount


Watchable Birds of California
Meet 155 of the most interesting and "watchable" birds in the Golden State! Color photos, size guide, when and where to see them. 


List price $17.00    $15.30 website discount

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